Sunday, November 1, 2009

Are You Matured Enough?

Seriously, define to this immature girl (I’m talking about me) what the hack is Matured Relationship? How would you carry it? Is it a disease or some kind of meat pie?

Because I truly think that…

Maturity is over-rated!


I should get back to tanda my papers. Janaaaaa~~~

See my foot? nak?! (gaya ganas)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunshine is Chasing Dawn.. (*_*)~~~

Don’t drive when your dad is next to you. He’ll whine about the side of road you take.

‘Dad, I’ve grown up. Can I just drive as I wish?’
“No, I am still alive”

It has been long since I last updated my blog. It’s not that I’m too busy. My internet sucks and now after so long I barely have idea on what to write plak. Dang!

Surely I’m not going to bleat about how I hate to get only RM 500 as allocated in 2010 budget (tetap bersyukur), not even about how I had to spend almost RM 600 this month to change a few stuff about my car tue, how my best friends are hardly get in touch with, who should I pick as my soul mate (do they have compass for this? me!), how hard it is to forget mistakes and trust it won’t happen again, how bored I am at Kuantan, how busy everybody is, why my shopping cart is never empty, why Nordin Mat Top is Malaysian and had extreme Indonesian bashing our country in their media and blogs or how I extremely dislike disrespect student (pandai tapi hampeh!)… I am just going to write about how confuse I am about not being able to write.

Really? ...I don’t think so.

O gosh, I surely got lots of so-called dark sides in my life. I envy those who write great things in their blogs while I am just writing how bleak my life is. I need sunshine~~~

Semangat….datang lah!!!!

You, wicked, evil…suhhh suhhh… I am trying to LIVE here.

i have no idea why this is here.


Monday, July 27, 2009

Black Blanket

Despite of being underrated by them, I must agree to the fact that wearing a bright flamboyant yellow Baju Kurung would not make me less transparent than I already am here. Hahaha. Did I over-exaggerate on the fact that people overlook at my potential or my self esteem is now falling down into the pit swamp? Why pit swamp? Pedulik la.. =)

Being exuberant is no longer practical in class as the students’ attitude (some of them) turn me to that grumpy, mad, old teacher we always have in class. Now I know why some teachers have lost their hope in their students. Na-ah! Won’t let that happen!

Ignoring those who HURTED you is the best thing to do now. Especially to people who sengaja cari salah n buka aib kita so he or she can be less bitchy than us. What are you? (Mode; EMO~~~) Seriously, what are you?

Im covering myself with the black blanket. opaque, dim, strong, alone, hide+o+us... hideous.

but im happy. Happy as i should be.

Nak gi Holiday~~~~


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I forgot

I forgot how to smile... let alone laugh~~

Teach me how to rise.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sound of the Day

The Sound of Harmony and Blissful Revulsion

Describe a positive day in your life.

it's sushi time!!! with ana-chan(^_^)

another meal from noodles station. aizar-chan!

amazed by my drink*i miss u lemonade*(that's the name) and malu2 for the shot.(^_*)

the climax of the day!!! see how miraculous Gucci by Gucci on my pink shelf? yeaaayeaaa~~~

Describe a negative day in your life.


If you know what I mean…Lalalala...

Thursday, May 14, 2009


ok.. saya sgt stress skrg. sgtt!

namun, saya telah cube sedaya udaya utk jadi matang dan mengatasi stress dengan bijak.


masih stress...


masih juga...


hampir berjaya..


uhh..payah nie..




sudah la. saya give up! what's wrong with me? what's wrong with people? urghhh!!!



back to work.

(pura-pura berjaya menangani stress, sebenarnya, oh tidak!)

Sunday, April 19, 2009


“eika, arinie bday aku la”



OMG! I am a very bad-horrifying-terrible-awful friend. I was sitting next to my good friend all night smlm as we lepak maen teka teki n watch Confessions of a Shopaholic, and I took no notice of the date. It was masa im wif him in the car as he was sending me home at 2 am, that he pop that sentence out n i was like... *eika, u sucks!* I didn’t even remember sket pon n siap argue on the date. Curse me or what so ever, Syafiq, im sori! Aku mmg tak egat dude! We are good friend right? Good friend won’t fight aite? N he did not marah sket pon bile aku lupe! Waa… aku kejam dowh! ini kesan dari kekacauan hidup yg mmbuat ku lupa (alasan...)tp syafiq, mak aku ckp mmg jiwa aku kacau pon sejak 2 menjak neh (alasan lagi...) Heee, hepi bday Syafiq! Pasal awek yg ko nk ngorat tue, nnt kite buat plan baeek punya ehhhh!!

To those who like Sophie Kinsella, do watch this movie. I lyke it a lot! Haha…Isla Fisher as Rebecca Bloomwood is so damn cute n funny. And Hugh Dancy as Luke Brandon…Owh, I fall in love with Luke!! I wish I can have someone like him. Arrrgghh… (meroyan) To convey a story from book to movie, not easy kot. I anticipate this to be good bcoz I like the series a lot n thank god, it worth it. At least it made my day. It did make me realize that for the negative side we have, it’s not that dire. What we need is…Luke! Hahaha… Owh Luke~~~~ (^_*) So, enjoy the movie! For me, movie nie best ke tak, based on that individual's perception. Like when I said my butt does look like JLo million dollar butt… who cares.


Friday, April 17, 2009


I tried to not make this blog too personal. I rather talk about my students, my handbags, my school, the cabinet, PPSMI and so on. Err… did I say ‘my’? Damn! Yet, on issues regarding how tremendous I’ll b with Mark Anthony or Lah Ahmad, I rather skip to the part where I forgot my laptop password for the first time ever. Hah! It turned out that I am predictable kot bcoz one of my friend managed to teka my password (after being told the first word) Wtf???!!! Well, lately I kinda blur, disorganize n tahla… distorted? Haha.

Talking bout life let me tell u a secret. I am terribly-awfully- offensively- dreadfully- intolerably hurt with myself now. Lalalala~~~

My friends did tegor how me being subtext n the troubles that gets me in. I know words sometimes being twisted explicitly by me and they do not become something understood by people. My thoughts and motives are only covered in an aside. Oh, I apologize dear. I just cant help it.

I went for BENGKEL PENGARAHAN TEATER last weekend with dozen of theater people and some of them are quite prominent. The speakers include Ahmad Yatim and Johara Ayub. It was fabulous. Oh ya! here egat nk upload pic my team masa Drama Competition kt Faris Petra ari tue. tp tah pape tah takleyh. pukul jugak krg blogspot neh! anyway, we won fifth place. Ok la. For latihan seminggu sejam n props yg 2 3 kerat. team laen blatih bebulan2 n props sampai seribu. So, congrats guys!! Next project would be my choral speaking team plak. Hehe…any idea how to do this? Call me. (^_*)

Monday, March 23, 2009

cracking the nut~~

Would it be a test or a sign?
Would u regain or resign?
Either way, someone has to lose in order for u to win.
And sometimes it needs a few loses for you to gain everything u need
and that everything you need is not always what you want.
Feel the pain
n endure the loss
That would be even the most decisive things in your life,
like your heart and worst, your pride.
~aBsoluTe myEqa~

wooooo...~~~ alunan tangan sambil mengoyang badan.
Gile hectic-head shaking-quelling of nausea-life i had man! lots of things that i don't like tp kene gak buat.. makes me nak scream 'weiii, jgn membesar! teruskan jadi budak2..aman!' haha. but then, this is life. like my mom ckp.. 'egat hidup neh senang ke?. it won't be easy. we yg make it easy. n teruk macam mane pon, kite yg patut ceriakan hari2 kite' lalu my tears pon menitik2 kat phone tue sambil try to control my voice so my mum would know how macho her daughter is, mengharung hidup ini. poyo lah! pastu my phone pon rosak. walawei..gile trajis!

here's a few recaps yg me nk wat...

Hari sukan= hari tanned sedunia. i have to suffer a month n sampai skrg kegelapan idup ini. gile kejam!

Hurayyy! Bro fai nye bday n Wed Qila cute-darl-charming-prince n princess (sedeyh tak dapat cupcake yg cute tue je) make my day!

MSSM chess(adakah aku terer main chess? jengjengjeng. mari lawan!)- kisah klasik yg menghitam putihkan idupku. sobsOb...

ada lg satu.. Amirul Haikal. tapi tak sempat nk tgkap gambr my new bf tue. amirul haikal, jgn nakal2. nnt pukul krg!

ok, sape free n nak g holiday, sile ajak me k! i need ME!!!!!
p/s (bukan utk tontonan umum): pendek, gemuk, hudoh?...ordinary? warna ijau tua? suke ati dikau la... bahagia kah bgtu?

Sunday, February 8, 2009


~we r over~

Friday, January 23, 2009

it's not going to be easy~~

tak reti nak stat dari mane. secara ringkasnye..
first day skolah.? 9.00 am "where is teacher Nor Zulaikha?" teruk btol aku . strategi=lari dari mencapup kt assembly. berjaya! ngEheheh~~
jadual? tgh blajar wat larian itik (simbol itik kerana daku katik mcm itik dari blakang *sigh*). ayat my guru kanan: eika, is that your maximum speed? soBsoB =(
students? mula2.. muka garang..pastu..ala, baeknye.. tak smpy ati aku~~
chegu2? owh..MESRA~~(gaya bob AF)
classes? english form 2 n form 4. EST form 4 (tangan menggigil).
other duty: penyelaras english form 2, guru persatuan silat (klakar sih!), hockey team, rumah sukan (hidup kuning!), homeroom students (da dpt anak2), name in guru pengiring list da ade da awal2 and mcm2 la lagi. tunggu nk wat muke spastik je kalu en. asmui suro aku jadi warden. (owh..saya boleh..boleh..boleh sgt..(*.*))

kesimpulannye, i'm still in the process of digesting all this. it's too much for me to swallow pon. well, kne blajar byk nih. yang pressure me the most is that i have to live up to their expectation. kne keluarkan A class students so i kne jadi good teacher dlu and the thing is skill in teaching msty excellent. kne knowledgeable, all-rounded, berkepimpinan. mmg kne jadi guru yang berdedikasi dan tak boleh ckp tak boleh la pendek katenye. owh! the competition has started neh. and i dont know how to fight. this is hard..not to give up but at least i need some back up.(~.~) da la i dont have transport to ronggeng. sangat la tertekan. (bagaimana aku harus berubah lagi) my bus yesterday to kl, delayed for 2 and a half hours. mmg pnat da tahan sabar. baru nak bsyukur dpt gak naek bas, tp cesss...!

the thing that i hate to admit is that i dont have the confidence to be a teacher. before this i slalu ngan muke toya tak rase ape2, kire ade la kyakinan dan hasrat jd chegu yg berdedikasi lagi. tp masuk je that school, other teachers sume nampak tere2. even the new teacher yg masuk ngan me pure 'tEsL'ian dari sydney. n im just a DPLI student who took a year course in TESL. well, to be honest, rase rendah diri jugak. (T_T) sian daku~~~ kne blaja kuat neh. kne berubah! ( buat gaya action kamen sin chan) kwn2 tolong yea~~

my sis nurul dapat SMSains KT. owh...a good school indeed. i've seen the ranking of this school for spm, top 10 jugak ant sbp. tp i prefer die pegi MRSM. not just because her sis n bro dari MRSM, tp i rase MRSM tak terikat mcm SBP/SMS. MRSM lg relax n u kne byk blajar sendiri. so your effort mmg sgt ptg utk dpt ape u nak. it's not that sek. harian tak bagus, it's just for me, when you are in boarding school, you will learn lots more. you will be awaken and inspired by people who are on the same path as yours. bak kate ma n abah 'kne ajar jgn sgt bgantung pada org'. skrg kne naekkan my SBPIK tuk excel like others, kne jadi GTEika!'s not going to be easy~~~(sambil memandang langit, buat muka kucing shrek dan menjerit sayu)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


The parents-to be still sibuk ngan preparation as usual~~oH! it's a boy. (bjaya tahu!)

yesterday was a hectic day for me. i planned to went out with razif and suddenly knowing shamira is here in msia, so kuar la lunch ngan shamira juge. kami bertiga went for lunch at sakae sushi. err..saye tak reti komen. yg pasti i dont like raw shusi. tp harga kat situ mmg tak mahal sgt(razif punya ayat). sushi2 laen saya suke bangat. bento saya ok. tp i think i dont really like japanese food la. sushi je i lyke. or mybe because i try byk sangat so jadi pening. hehe. my advice, u should menikmati satu2 at a time. nie tamak sume nk balun. ngEhehe..

yesterday mmg best sebab terserempak ngan ramai org. ms kat aunty anne's jumpe izadira yg sangat cute. "ini chegu ke?" soalan yg pertama kuar. mengapa? saya tidak seperti chegu ke iza~~

lepas mkn shusi, we lepak at starbucks. borak2, debat2. i really like shamira shahar dari dulu dowh. she's amazing! tgh lepak2, as usual Ub yg kerja dekat2 situ datang. oh! razif n UB mmg slalu jumpa. at times i thought they are gay. well, both admit they are bi. haha. padan muke, sape suro wat lawak. kan i da kuar statement mmg korg gay. (kiddin la!) ooo..UB single n hensem. i tried to flirt with him but razif said "Ub tanak pon" dengan nada samade jeles@ menghina. ces!

then we ate dinner at Pizza (see how i get the nickname 'muk? makan lagi!) jumpe la plak ngan miss wan sabrina. my schoolmate at pandan indah. untung skola byk2 neh. kawan pon byk. just tak egat je masalahnye. haha. kejam. tp miss sabrina kompem la egat.

after that, g ronggeng kt BB n karoke ngan moy, fyeera n pian lak. very penat u know. but it was extremely fun! thx ya all!!!

by the way, my new school=Sekolah Berasrama Penuh (SBP) Integrasi Kuantan. sedeyhnye tak dapat KL. harap2 i'll b teaching english dgn great! abah kate 2 jam je dr KL. so, saya pon redha n tawakkal la.. 12hb lapor diri. at least kne 2 years kat sane. soBsoB.. ajarkan aku apa itu kesabaran~~~~ (T_T)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bless Palestine!

takDe ape yg nak diucap. Bumi Al-Aqsa benar akan jadi tanah syahid dari dulu sampai skrg. Saudara kite di Palestin la insan2 terpilih yg mjadi benteng pertahanan kepada al-Aqsa, kiblat pertama umat Islam dan juga masjid ketiga suci bagi umat Islam. dari dulu lagi mereka berada dibarisan hadapan kepada umat Islam, bertarung nyawa, harta, bersama anak2 dalam menentang musuh Allah dan mempertahankan Masjid al-Aqsa. Tah bile sume nie akan berakhir. pastu takDe ape duNia leyh wat. Protes sana sini, diorg yg sememangnya kejam tak peduli. kita pula, mari usaha sedikit, even a doa pon bole. sister and brother, let's pray for all this to end soon. We are one ummah; mcm a body jugak. satu bahagian sakit, seluruh badan merana. di kala saudara2 kite di kejami, adakah kite turut rase sakitnye? you, yourself should know the answer. Stop this aggression immediately!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I've been tagged~~ by Iza

TAGGING INSTRUCTION: You are being tagged!The rules are to upload the 5th photo from the 5th folder on ur computer.I am told that u turn into a frog if u break the rule. Then, the person u tag, tagged 5 more people. Please add ur tagged photo to the "I've been tagged"

tAdaaa! i actully have folders in folders. so i pick the 5th picture in my first folder which in the 5th folders in my comp(*_*). i'm a bit organize sket and like to arrange my stuff in details (ngEhhehe). it turns out it's my kino's friend. glad to be there. kalu tak, tak jumpa pakNgah n iza yg chumel. n some other great people!

1. Do u think u are HOT?
panas ke? tahla. korg jwp la sdr utk eika.

2. Upload a fav pic of you


3. Why do u like that picture?
i found myself still having people who truely love me for who i am and will never left me for my fraility. WahahAHa..

4. When was the last time u ate pizza?
OMG! err..2 month ago? kt klia mase antar my lil bro back to france.

5. The last song u listen too?
cold play- fix you

6. What are u doing right now besides doing this?
berangan (sempat lagi tue!)

7. What name do u prefer besides yours?
im in love with my name ever since! no way i will menduakan my name. ngEh!

8. People to tag
Sape2 aje~~

Question 9-13 tak dpt dijwp sbb berkaetan ngan no.8. hehe..

owh, saye mmg teruk wat tag ini. abeh la jadi katak~~korg buatla eh. maaf yea iza! i luv ya!iza=cutie!

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makan blum lg. haha..

sape2 aje yg sudi.. hehe..

Friday, January 2, 2009


this new year started with a shopping day. the parents-to-be;my angah and bro fairul, are busy with the preparation. due this februari lol! i'm the one yg gelabah compare to them. i called the baby fadhil and i received rejection from the daddy who wanted the name haikal. tak kisah la i stil want to call him fadhil. haha. but if it turns out to be she, we agree on alia. eh, anak sape neh? nyibuk lak aunty die. i can see that this first cucu of mama n dada will dimanjakan oleh kami. *wink*

earlier preparation. not well place yet.
the baby can be clearly seen from changes of the back n front of angah. ngEhehe..
i had to drive to midVel because they were tired-working-couple

angah getting excited
angah ignoring me n the cam (more excited)
both had found a perfect one n berangan2 with the pram/stroller

but in the end, we end up buying nothing. the parents-to-be were very cerewet ngan style, brand, and the practicallity. as usual they survey and later in one shot akan memborong. angah plak dah get the swelling feet, poor her. we are so excited with this newborn. hope everything will turn out great.

did i tell you i got my posting result already? SBP! is it bad or good, i dont know. but i'm freaking scared right now. the state and school will be out this monday. fuh..fuh...fuh.. relax. enjoy your day everybody! God bless!!