Monday, June 6, 2011


i began to accept the fact that i am not a beautiful person since i was 4 when one of my cousins said,

"Dulu ko kecik mmg semua suka sbb ko comel. tapi skrg dah besar, ko tak cantik. aku taknak kawan ngan ko".

and later, more harsh words were ejected to me by others; gemuk, mata sepet, pendek, makcik tua and so on. most of the time, i would just smile, laugh and swallow it as if it doesn't hurt me. tho sometimes it does.

what more to be compared to my beautiful sisters who are completely different from me.

Yes, i'm no beauty queen, i'm not worth it, i'm not perfect. i accept that....and still learning to be thankful for everything that i have.

When Mr. Razif, greeted me for the first time 10 years ago, i thought he was one of those who was going to bring my spirit down and judge me. Yet, he proved me wrong.

Thank you dear Razif, for bringing out the best in me and giving me all the happiness i have ever wished for.

and i am sorry for not being a perfect person.

Hopefully, Allah swt will guide us and bless our relationship. Hopefully, our love will grow stronger and we would love and be loved forever. InsyaAllah.

Here some picx from our engagement;

i was extremely berdebar and terketar2 k! It was stressing and a relief at the same time.
Gambar kontroversi atas katil. yeap, maybe we were a bit like mcm nikah dah. tapi en. photographer yg surohhhh!
Thanks to dear friends and family for the big help. gambar takde lg so, dpt yg ade kt fb jer.

Thanks to those who prayed for us and keep on praying for us.