Sunday, December 16, 2012

Epic times two.

Yup. It's school holidays and there are tons of idea emerging inside my head. I try to pick one up but most of the time, it ends up falling back deep into the back of my head. Hehe.

But this morning when I was waiting for my KLIA transit train to Bandar Tasek Selatan, i noticed something interesting that trigger me to write again.  

At that time, I was sitting alone at a long bench, ( it's 9 in the morning on Sunday, what did you expect?) eating my subway while looking jealously kat orang-orang at the opposite platform; those people who leisurely waiting for KLIA express, behind the glass with air-cond while me, here, feeling hot and trap under the red concrete, dengan suasana suam2 kuku, kepenatan~~ (Gosh, i should stop complaining!) I had a mouthful bite of the sandwich when suddenly my eye caught a man wearing khaki shirt and short, holding a plastic spoon and a fork. I paused. With his orange luggage bag on his lap to support a plate, he was actually, eating there! -EPICCC! In the middle of all those mat salleh people tau! With rich brats, and yeah, ada gak la org2 yang biasa macam aku nie yg slalu last minute kne naik gak situ..

and if i should guess what he is eating from here, it would be... nasi lemak. - DOUBLE EPIC!

* I'm sorry if I feel this is fascinating. Consider me, lame. Lalala~~~

by the way, i did snap his photo, tp nnt i violate dia punya privacy kan. tak nak la. hehe.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Sayang!

Alast! Despite my chaotic work life with programs and papers, i managed to organise a surprise candle light dinner for his birthday.  Alhamdulillah. If you ask me, where was this, it's at MS Garden, Kuantan. by the pool lagi. Hehe. Tapi candle tak berjaya hidup lama sbb angin kuat. Haha.I sempat beli hadiah birthday yg die nak sangat. Remote Helicopter! Penat nak pikir yg mana satu nak beli. That's why it's hard to find present for guys. I did not manage to get a nice shot because i forgot to turn on my candle light mode for my phone. Hehe. I plak, syahdu je bila ckp psl masa zaman2 muda dgn dia dulu kat skolah. Hehe.. So, meh la pakat ramai2 wat suprise or g dating ngan spouse masing-masing. Syok kot!

The smile on your face means the world to me, sayang!

Biskut Kering Milo Panas

My mum has a funny way of making sure her grandchildren are always happy. She makes sure she stuffs them with food and her fav snack ialah Biskut Cap Ping Pong dengan Milo Panas! Yeehaaa!.

Kakal and Atif do love it!

First kakal, then Atif.

Yeah! Eat that!

Kakal kenyang and got back to his Ultraman! 

 Atif happy sambil shuffle.

Result : A hyper and happier grandchildren.

Hopefully Ahmad Hanif likes it too. And future Mikhail. Ahaks!

La Senza Lalala

Outing with Angah and Kakal is not an easy task. I just wanted to go to Daiso to buy some stuff. We went out in the morning, but i was only able to reach Daiso later that evening. Semua sbb angah! She dragged me into La Senza dan some other shops yg dia takmo g alone and spend hundreds that day. Crazyyyy!

At La Senza, the night gown are awesome, yet a bit pricey. The bras and panties, i did not have time to take a close look at them.I am satisfied with Pierre Cardin so far, so takpelah. Nnt jadi kaya raya baru buang duit. Ahaks!

So, i main je la ngan kakal. Hehe.  

Happy Birthday Adik!

Happy Birthday Adik! Yup! She's 14 and growing! Hehe. 
Alhamdulillah, the celebration took place kat Al-Rawsha Restaurant. Book awal2 ok, sbb ramai org suka datang cni especially weekend. Here's the number, 039200660. Makanan sedap la. Tapi, kalau nak compare, makanan arab kat Jalan Damai tue plg sedap, tapi dah tutup. Hehe. But still, workers diorg sgt ramah and helpful. Siap tlg tutup kipas sbb nk pasang lilin k! Mangat tak? The celebration lg best sbb kesayangan hamba, En. Razif ada. Ahaks! Malula~~~.

Angah bought satu kotak besar warna pink dgn stationary yg banyak and semua pink! Ok.. I jeles! As for me, I bought undergarment for her. Hehe. Nampak tak obsesi i nie?o_O

Semuanya because kitorg nak pujuk dia masuk asrama kat kelantan! Pandai tak strategi pemujukan jurus rasuah angah nie? So sweeettt. Hoho.



Yup..kalau ada abg fairul lagi best.
p/s: We Love you Adik!


Gosh! I know. Dah berzaman tak post anything here. Hoho. Today, nak share a bit about travelling lah. Oh! Post pasal my trip to Holland kne hold dulu. Manyak kerja mau setel ooo.. Hehe.

Hari tue nak g from LCCT to KLIA. Google and cari info, tapi tak banyak yg ckp cane. So, eika main hentam je tanya org and go with the flow. Sape2 yg taktaw, nie nk share la nie.

The answer is simple. ' Ada shuttle bus  kat dpn Coffee Bean (LCCT) to KLIA' . Easy kan? 

These shuttle buses would wait in front of the Coffee Bean @ LCCT, to take u to KLIA Bus Stop inside the KLIA building. From the bus stop too, you can take the bus to LCCT, and to other destinations.  From LCCT, there are 3 buses which offer this service. PLUSLINER NICE, INTER LINK and one more I’m not sure. I am not sure about the fare too but the last time i took the shuttle bus, it was RM 2.50 to KLIA. 

So, there u go. Have a nice trip!

Oh My Salmon!

Ewah, ewah! Hari nie, Chef Eika nak ajak masak. Jom!

Sbb en. Razif suka salmon, kenalah blaja masak salmon. Chef eika pon beli la filet salmon kat Giant Kuantan tue. Not bad. Cari masa tgh restock, mesti fresh. Satu filet leyh kerat 2.

First time, just masak dgn salt and basil. Emm.. Ok. Tak cirit. Hehe.

The second time pulak.. Scramble eggs and salmon. Tak click tapi individually each dishes boleh tahan. Ewah! 

Yang last try nie epic sket. Salmon and Creamy Carbonara with Mushroom. Mana satu appertiser pon tahlah. Dua-dua masuk mulut. Ahaks!

Nak masak lagi la. Kalau ada resepi best, leyh share k. Nak masuk Masterchef. Heee!