Monday, May 31, 2010

There she goes again...

This perpetual sickness I dwell on
Has continued to perplex my head
As that tyranny of yours spears right through my heart, I still hold tight. Upright.
This state of agitation won’t bring lucidity
Someone should succour me
Yet, this repulsive mind of mine inveigles me with more malice.
I am not meek. Jocund is not mined anymore. It doesn’t bring tranquility to this sly smile.
The scorn creates a precocious little brat, pushing benevolence. Unscrupulous!


You don't really get it don't you? me either.

Just pass through. Yeehhaaa...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

wHaT a dAy!

It was a beautiful night when we celebrated these 4 teachers yg habis berpraktikal di sekolah saye nie. all of them were so damn nice and sengal. just like us guru2 mude kat cni (i muda key!)

thx to laip, fauzi, amani and didi for cheering up our days kat cni 3 bulan kebelkangan neh. laip cried kat airport mase kitorg hantar. sesuai ngan L!mulut fauzi is one tg yg aku akan rindu sgt (tak tahan nak cili) but i still remember the first time i saw him.

'urm..mcm superman nie'

tapi bile tgok lama2. celah uban pon tak!(kuasa one tail mengganas)

didi and amani masa mula2 datang paling innocent(konon!) and menimbulkan kntroversi. ahli mesyuarat tingkap je yg tau~~~tapi yg akan plg dirindukan ialah naek kereta dgn diorg. sure kutuk suara juru karaoke kereta. sentap gtu!

i just hope future will treat you better and give u more fun and vibrant tgs in ur life.

Going to miss u lots guys!!!

Baby L sure kat Sabah dah sekarang bah...

Didi and Amani wif mentor, kak ct!

nie semua chegu2 yg 'masuk air'

We ended the night with a Bday song to Ikmal and eating ice cream while sengol-sengolan.

Tapi...tika menulis ini, saya sedang sedeyh. i guess love cannot be forced right? if only i had not loved him so much.. but i am~~~(T_T)


Monday, May 10, 2010


Well, when people say duk kat KL neh kos sara hidup tinggi, I don’t think so. It’s the people punya desire yg tinggi. We can actually get lots of cheap and bargain items kat KL neh. As a person yang giler tudung and kain, with my mama n angah yg terer giler shopping, we did go out to do one of our normal chores- shopping kat jln TAR!

If u want to search for a nice, gler murah punya tudung2, you can go to this one place- MUAZ TEXTILE. Kualiti tudung n kain di tahap sederhana. If u really pandy cari and padai jaga and gayakan, I don’t think you have problem. Sure berbaloi. They have variety of tudung and kain. Go, now!


Tumpang lalu yea makcik. Murah kan!

“Mummy, babah pakai ape tue?” One thing that you should have. A very understanding and patient husband to teman you while looking after your baby!

Malangnya i tak pakai tudung jenis gtu so i beli pashmina je. saje gatal tangan. biasanya diorg ade selendang jugak. tapi at that time, those tudung yg banyak. So, teman angah n mama yg mmg gemar btudung gtu. ngEhehe.

“Oh, you look glamour in that angah.” A model who enjoys life at Jln TAR.

look what i found at Jln TAR? Glamour gtu name i neh. ngEhehhee.


Saturday, May 8, 2010


My weekend is definitely for my friends and family. It’s Is and Fyeera’s Engagement. Come later was Ekin and Anas’s. it’s so overwhelming to see their faces. Here are some picx from the engagement.

Ain’t they gorgeous? I snap picx and did the make up for ekin with her help. Well, not much to do and not really that hard because she wanted a simple one. I can’t event contrast her cheek with more colour because she refused to look fake in front of her future mother-in-law. Hehe!

LovE ya BebEyh! LookiNg forwArd fOr mY oWn onE. Lalalalala~~~~