Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunshine is Chasing Dawn.. (*_*)~~~

Don’t drive when your dad is next to you. He’ll whine about the side of road you take.

‘Dad, I’ve grown up. Can I just drive as I wish?’
“No, I am still alive”

It has been long since I last updated my blog. It’s not that I’m too busy. My internet sucks and now after so long I barely have idea on what to write plak. Dang!

Surely I’m not going to bleat about how I hate to get only RM 500 as allocated in 2010 budget (tetap bersyukur), not even about how I had to spend almost RM 600 this month to change a few stuff about my car tue, how my best friends are hardly get in touch with, who should I pick as my soul mate (do they have compass for this? me!), how hard it is to forget mistakes and trust it won’t happen again, how bored I am at Kuantan, how busy everybody is, why my shopping cart is never empty, why Nordin Mat Top is Malaysian and had extreme Indonesian bashing our country in their media and blogs or how I extremely dislike disrespect student (pandai tapi hampeh!)… I am just going to write about how confuse I am about not being able to write.

Really? ...I don’t think so.

O gosh, I surely got lots of so-called dark sides in my life. I envy those who write great things in their blogs while I am just writing how bleak my life is. I need sunshine~~~

Semangat….datang lah!!!!

You, wicked, evil…suhhh suhhh… I am trying to LIVE here.

i have no idea why this is here.