Monday, July 27, 2009

Black Blanket

Despite of being underrated by them, I must agree to the fact that wearing a bright flamboyant yellow Baju Kurung would not make me less transparent than I already am here. Hahaha. Did I over-exaggerate on the fact that people overlook at my potential or my self esteem is now falling down into the pit swamp? Why pit swamp? Pedulik la.. =)

Being exuberant is no longer practical in class as the students’ attitude (some of them) turn me to that grumpy, mad, old teacher we always have in class. Now I know why some teachers have lost their hope in their students. Na-ah! Won’t let that happen!

Ignoring those who HURTED you is the best thing to do now. Especially to people who sengaja cari salah n buka aib kita so he or she can be less bitchy than us. What are you? (Mode; EMO~~~) Seriously, what are you?

Im covering myself with the black blanket. opaque, dim, strong, alone, hide+o+us... hideous.

but im happy. Happy as i should be.

Nak gi Holiday~~~~