Sunday, August 15, 2010

Not there yet

I don’t understand..

Why once people get married, or found their so-called ‘soulmate’, they no longer keep in touch with their friends? Old friends-to be specific. I have lost many best friends to marriage. Marriage seems to swallow them in one big basket, and confined them there. They no longer text you or call you. Not like what we used to do back then.

There might be various reasons for this. Their hectic life or ‘busy’ would be the most popular reason ever. This include:

# job to handle
# obligation towards husband
# kids to take care
# meal to cook
# etc..

but to me, it seems like they don’t need us, friend anymore. They only have that one world to take care of.Hence, others unattached would be just mere dust.

It is quite hard for me to comprehend. Maybe it’s true that their life is so damn busy with lots of things to settle. Maybe they have new friends to take care of. Maybe I’m not a good friend of worth keeping. Maybe life is like that. Maybe they already get what they want in life and friends mean nothing anymore.

Or could it be because.....

...... I just simply not there yet?...Hurmm....

Friday, August 13, 2010

Chematrian In Action Again!

It was a superb day for me. How excited I was as I drove like crazy from Kuantan to KL on that Saturday after a school event just to celebrate my mummy, abah, abe and uste's belated bday. It was a surprise so mummy dah frustrated dah when i said i tak balik. My uste came back a week earlier without telling me so as I knew about his presence here in Malaysia, eika mmg eager nak balik. Yeayyy!!!

I was actually in my baju kurung you know! Tak sempat nak salin pon. Punya la nak jayakan surprise nie. I went to Seremban to fetch my razif. A bit gado here gado there(^_*), cari kek and stuff .. we finally made it to Kunang Kunang.

With two cute cakes, candles and so on, I walked in and saw lots of beautiful faces waiting. Me and my sis sang the Happy Birthday song. i could tell that they were quite suprised. How I love them all! We celebrated that night with joy and laughter. Sume datang dengan partner. My bro n kak long with lil cute atif yang sakit perut, angah and bro fai with lil haikal comel, me n raz, uste and syerin, mummy and abah, and also my two cute lil sisters. I thanked Allah for his blessing, in giving me such a supportive family. I prayed to Allah that we will always be there for each other.

After the dinner, me, raz, angah, abg fai,haikal and those two lil devils went for bowling. Our favourite game! That wrapped up the day.

CheMatrian go bowl!

Team Pusing Bola (kapten=raz)

My fav guy beraksi~

Thanks raz for this lousy pic!you saja nak wat i hodoh!

Uste, that is so gay!


BEkas Kelab Bowling Pandan. Konon la~~~

My other fav guy

Lastly, we went back home feeling great and tired. Phew! What a wonderful day~ (^_^)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ramadhan joy!

Ramadhan is here. Yippi!!! I must admit that I feel anxious. Will I do better this year? Hopefully! (^_^)

So, eika nak mohon ampun maaf dari orang yang eika mungkin pernah sakiti, buat dosa, lukai…. atas sume kesalahan la. Harap maafkan eika. Kalau still tak bolah, datang la jumpa eika and just tell me what should I do to get that forgiveness. InsyaAllah…

Happy fasting!!