Sunday, April 19, 2009


“eika, arinie bday aku la”



OMG! I am a very bad-horrifying-terrible-awful friend. I was sitting next to my good friend all night smlm as we lepak maen teka teki n watch Confessions of a Shopaholic, and I took no notice of the date. It was masa im wif him in the car as he was sending me home at 2 am, that he pop that sentence out n i was like... *eika, u sucks!* I didn’t even remember sket pon n siap argue on the date. Curse me or what so ever, Syafiq, im sori! Aku mmg tak egat dude! We are good friend right? Good friend won’t fight aite? N he did not marah sket pon bile aku lupe! Waa… aku kejam dowh! ini kesan dari kekacauan hidup yg mmbuat ku lupa (alasan...)tp syafiq, mak aku ckp mmg jiwa aku kacau pon sejak 2 menjak neh (alasan lagi...) Heee, hepi bday Syafiq! Pasal awek yg ko nk ngorat tue, nnt kite buat plan baeek punya ehhhh!!

To those who like Sophie Kinsella, do watch this movie. I lyke it a lot! Haha…Isla Fisher as Rebecca Bloomwood is so damn cute n funny. And Hugh Dancy as Luke Brandon…Owh, I fall in love with Luke!! I wish I can have someone like him. Arrrgghh… (meroyan) To convey a story from book to movie, not easy kot. I anticipate this to be good bcoz I like the series a lot n thank god, it worth it. At least it made my day. It did make me realize that for the negative side we have, it’s not that dire. What we need is…Luke! Hahaha… Owh Luke~~~~ (^_*) So, enjoy the movie! For me, movie nie best ke tak, based on that individual's perception. Like when I said my butt does look like JLo million dollar butt… who cares.


Friday, April 17, 2009


I tried to not make this blog too personal. I rather talk about my students, my handbags, my school, the cabinet, PPSMI and so on. Err… did I say ‘my’? Damn! Yet, on issues regarding how tremendous I’ll b with Mark Anthony or Lah Ahmad, I rather skip to the part where I forgot my laptop password for the first time ever. Hah! It turned out that I am predictable kot bcoz one of my friend managed to teka my password (after being told the first word) Wtf???!!! Well, lately I kinda blur, disorganize n tahla… distorted? Haha.

Talking bout life let me tell u a secret. I am terribly-awfully- offensively- dreadfully- intolerably hurt with myself now. Lalalala~~~

My friends did tegor how me being subtext n the troubles that gets me in. I know words sometimes being twisted explicitly by me and they do not become something understood by people. My thoughts and motives are only covered in an aside. Oh, I apologize dear. I just cant help it.

I went for BENGKEL PENGARAHAN TEATER last weekend with dozen of theater people and some of them are quite prominent. The speakers include Ahmad Yatim and Johara Ayub. It was fabulous. Oh ya! here egat nk upload pic my team masa Drama Competition kt Faris Petra ari tue. tp tah pape tah takleyh. pukul jugak krg blogspot neh! anyway, we won fifth place. Ok la. For latihan seminggu sejam n props yg 2 3 kerat. team laen blatih bebulan2 n props sampai seribu. So, congrats guys!! Next project would be my choral speaking team plak. Hehe…any idea how to do this? Call me. (^_*)