Saturday, July 23, 2011

REviEw_the engagement

To say that i was happy that day......ABSOLUTELY.
But there's this greater feeling that i felt too- EXTREMELY NERVOUS.

i would consider myself good jugak la bab2 jadi pengapit or orang kanan for friends yang nak tunang or kahwin. when they mcm blur or confuse nak wat ape, i guide them.

and i tot i can handle my engagement well as i have the experience. but yeahhhh, when you are going to wear the ring that day, experience means nothing. i was absolutely consumed by my own anxiousness and seriously, i was shaking.

owh, you'll say, it's just an engagement right? Ok. i poyo. Fine.

But.... You know how garang orang kedah are right? don't take this wrongly, but i am extremely afraid of Razif's mum and fam members......

Ok, you can laugh. Whatever.

Tapi yang paling kelakar was, i had 3 photographers from Dunia Mereka who really tried their very best to make me smile and pose for my photo. they really made my day la. They all sgt mesra and kelakar. Kurang sket my nervous tue. and their photos are gorgeous too. i like them. (^_^)

Huhhuh.. so, i pray that i'll be calm and relax for the nikah n sanding nnt. Gulp! Wish me luckkk!!!!!