Friday, November 28, 2008

What a dAy..

Sometimes people do things below their concious, not knowing the reason but they feel like they have to. pnah? haha..

This morning i woke up early. Ala, pukul 7.30 early la tue. Basuh muka n suddenly tadah muka for the sun light. i'm not sure why but maybe i need it because my head have been spinning mcm nak pecah since yesterday. For person who rarely get headache like me, i dont know what to do except menghampuk my head to the wall.

out of sudden, i grabbed my scoot key n my wallet. i started the engine. i stop for a while thinking...where to go? haha..remembering my mum havent do the breakfast yet, so..nasi lemak stall! finally i have purpose to live. (^_^) bestnye naek scoot.. i bought nasi lemak for all n low fat milk. i searched for orange juice but nope, they dont have it. poor me. i need vitamin C!

The other thing i remembered was the time i actually dress up in skirts in my house. 'kak eika nk g mane nie?' asked my sis. takde g mane..doing the house chores. and she went'..make up n skirt? mum!!!..tgok kak eika..'

now my head feels as it will blow off in a few seconds. my mum once said i've been thinking so much n i am that kind of person whose mental condition affect my physical health. lorr.. since when ma jd doc nih? n she gave me that look she had when i said kawen tak best, men r troublesome. err..ok ma. i'll better off to get some rest. Muacks!

jelesnye jadi chibi. enjoying his world without headache..

Friday, November 21, 2008

Oh mY!

i went to Pavilion for Madagascar2 the other day. ok la. but i think the fiRst one was beTter. or was it because i sat at 2nd row..from front! i had a sip..ok, a whole cup of small latte and as a non-caffeine drinker (i actually cant even digest it, i even masuk wad for it during high school), it kept me awake for the rest of the night. shit! now that's a price of stubbornness! caffeine is no good. it makes your breath sucks, get u addicted, n teeth turn yellow. if u think brain malfunction by 50 and 'gold' teeth is OK, then it's up to you. but once or twice ok la. (currently speaking He is one of those caffeine-fan who i have to stand, gosh!)

i lyke pavillion@nyte. N ouch!my messy bed secret leaks out!

i went over my sis bookshelf and ran over this book by Sophie Kinsella. i did saw it on new arrival shelf last year when i worked @ Kinokuniya. it is the latest of Shopaholic: Shopaholic & baby. i wonder why it was so desirabled by the girls, so i think i'll take a look at it. well, it turned out to be in bed with me the whole night, but ironically...i was not sleeping! damn, i didn't expect to be carried away and it took me courage for not flipping to the last page. believe me, im in great pain for holding myself back. Haha! after all, it was worth of waking up. ex-girlfriend really a troublesome right? i pray i won't be like Venetia. poor her. she could be the perfect lady but feeling ruins her. Becky rocks! i'm thrill for the coming movie. i anticipate more books on my bed? let's just hope i do not sleep with them. *wink*

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Shoe, Bag and Money..

thE last thIng i shOuld bE dOing riGht nOw is...nOthing! wHat else to dO during thiS schoOl hOlidaY? i dId go tO pEtroScience aFter beIng calL a losEr 4 nOt gOing there yEt. and i went to dozen of places in my life dah. Pulau, Sungai, Tasek, Pantai..mostly yg ade air la. is this shows that keluarga che mat mmg ade stRong cOnnection with wAter? sib baek kOlam kUmbahan kami tak miNat...tak ok!

The fact that i grew up and went to school at almost all states @ semenanjung, (Kelantan, Negeri Sembilan, Kuala Lumpur, Kuantan, Kedah, Perak, Terengganu, Selangor) make me realize that i was meant to travel jauh2. so is that menunjukkan my posting will be far from KL? OMG! im in big trouble.. banyak nye pahala aku..waaa... tamaw jauH~~~~

So, where else to go?tmpt yG eAsy and enjOying plus..budget-friendly. end of this month i have to plan a holiday for my bebeyh lagi. Where la to go neh..hehe., bestnye travel. even bro Fai da book flight tuk traveL next year. Jeles tgok org yg da g jauh2 nie. siAp la. Tunggu aja kDatgn aku! muahaHahaha..

A=aloNe (Singular)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

thE haRdest thiNg tO dO

iS thiS wOrth mY lifE?

i dOubt something. but i refuSe to believe it. i mEan, is it true? i cAnt believE thAt will hAppen tO a pErson liKe me. i meaN, if it hAppeN foR reAl, mcm mY lifE has bEen cUrsed je? OMG! wHy me? it's kinD oF haRd tO believe all this. buT suDdenly eVrything dOes mAkes seNse. thEn wHy i still refuse to wAke uP n sEe the trUth behiNd thiS? i sHould liSteN to mY friEnds and lEave aLl thiS. buT caN i? i've gOne thiS fAr foR thiS. i riSKed my liFe, mY fEeling and thE trUst frOm aLl peOple whO love mE. .and nOw i hAve to givE up and lEave? whAt if it's nOt likE thAt? whAt if i've nEver been liEd? thE fEeling is alWays tRue aNd i cAn bUilD mY perfect dReam with thiS? it sEems dat it's bAd for u but u doUbt it is and u sTill waNt to bElieve thAt it iS thE best givEn tO U. lifE is all abOut maKing cHoices. the bEst oNe.but i dOnt haVe mucH to chOose. hurmm..

Monday, November 17, 2008

Lalala Langkawi!

my fam n i went to langkawi dat day. worth it! jom zoom, cuti2 malaysia!

upon arrival

bro fai drinking gamat!

freaking cable car

mahsuri house

to pulau payar

sekolah of ikan

we end da 3 days holiday with a vow in front of cendol n laksa 'dis excitement has just begin!' wahahahaha...


Sunday, November 16, 2008


During my 2nd stage of interview they asked me, why you want to be a teacher? more, English teacher? my answer... nothing satisfies me more than doing thing i enjoy the most, rocking English! haha. is that true? well, almost. to be true, teaching isn't my thing but hey, im learning to be a good teacher. thank god i love english.

mY fiRst tEaching eXperience was at SMKTD. with equal rate of Malay, Chinese and Indian, this school is the best place you want to know about how school is. Teaching 4Sc1, and 4P2 give you full excess to students' character. believe me, if being student is suck, try being the teacher. Luckily commit suicide is a sin. haha..

4Sc1? they'll eat you raw. 4P2? served weLl dOne. can sEe the whOle parLiment in 4Sc1. very distinguish character. each with dreams and hopes. their thought sometimes make me smile. im lucky to meet them. to see how they challenge each other and me makes me more excited. 4P2 was more lively. they blow your head with their attitude but they were very interesting pieces. combine together, they taught me a lot about friendship; one thing they stand strong with. amazingly, those so call 'samseng' really touch my heart. still in my head, my last day there in 4P2, all those naughty boys made a straight line and bow to me, saluting as they said THANK YOU TEACHER. i almost cried, but being a cool kak ikha to them (they refuse to call me teacher!) i have to be strong. more, a big clap from 4Sc1 motivates me on being an excellent teacher in future.

well, it's a long way to go and tons of things to learn. hope i'll make it. Gambate!!!

my first batch of studs

me on desk!

L=Loser, W=errr...whatever?

well..welcome to me! haha.. i have no exact reason why i create this blog. i think i should be out of this 'blogging' world. but somehow, i can't! nowadays people fight not only with gun, sword, or dynamite. they also use their hands. tik tik tik on the board and there you go, an annoying saying in the blog. kills me almost everytime i read it. well, i shouldn't read if its hurt me kan? but naa.. knowing your enemy is one of the best strategy to win. OMG! this is a sin. how can i blame the whole entire 'blogger' here for one or two posts that crack my head? ooppss.. sori. i guess maturity is overrated (for some). ok im here to write, not to fight. so, there you go..mY sO calLed liFe..