Thursday, June 21, 2012


Gosh! I know. Dah berzaman tak post anything here. Hoho. Today, nak share a bit about travelling lah. Oh! Post pasal my trip to Holland kne hold dulu. Manyak kerja mau setel ooo.. Hehe.

Hari tue nak g from LCCT to KLIA. Google and cari info, tapi tak banyak yg ckp cane. So, eika main hentam je tanya org and go with the flow. Sape2 yg taktaw, nie nk share la nie.

The answer is simple. ' Ada shuttle bus  kat dpn Coffee Bean (LCCT) to KLIA' . Easy kan? 

These shuttle buses would wait in front of the Coffee Bean @ LCCT, to take u to KLIA Bus Stop inside the KLIA building. From the bus stop too, you can take the bus to LCCT, and to other destinations.  From LCCT, there are 3 buses which offer this service. PLUSLINER NICE, INTER LINK and one more I’m not sure. I am not sure about the fare too but the last time i took the shuttle bus, it was RM 2.50 to KLIA. 

So, there u go. Have a nice trip!

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