Thursday, June 21, 2012

La Senza Lalala

Outing with Angah and Kakal is not an easy task. I just wanted to go to Daiso to buy some stuff. We went out in the morning, but i was only able to reach Daiso later that evening. Semua sbb angah! She dragged me into La Senza dan some other shops yg dia takmo g alone and spend hundreds that day. Crazyyyy!

At La Senza, the night gown are awesome, yet a bit pricey. The bras and panties, i did not have time to take a close look at them.I am satisfied with Pierre Cardin so far, so takpelah. Nnt jadi kaya raya baru buang duit. Ahaks!

So, i main je la ngan kakal. Hehe.  

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