Sunday, December 16, 2012

Epic times two.

Yup. It's school holidays and there are tons of idea emerging inside my head. I try to pick one up but most of the time, it ends up falling back deep into the back of my head. Hehe.

But this morning when I was waiting for my KLIA transit train to Bandar Tasek Selatan, i noticed something interesting that trigger me to write again.  

At that time, I was sitting alone at a long bench, ( it's 9 in the morning on Sunday, what did you expect?) eating my subway while looking jealously kat orang-orang at the opposite platform; those people who leisurely waiting for KLIA express, behind the glass with air-cond while me, here, feeling hot and trap under the red concrete, dengan suasana suam2 kuku, kepenatan~~ (Gosh, i should stop complaining!) I had a mouthful bite of the sandwich when suddenly my eye caught a man wearing khaki shirt and short, holding a plastic spoon and a fork. I paused. With his orange luggage bag on his lap to support a plate, he was actually, eating there! -EPICCC! In the middle of all those mat salleh people tau! With rich brats, and yeah, ada gak la org2 yang biasa macam aku nie yg slalu last minute kne naik gak situ..

and if i should guess what he is eating from here, it would be... nasi lemak. - DOUBLE EPIC!

* I'm sorry if I feel this is fascinating. Consider me, lame. Lalala~~~

by the way, i did snap his photo, tp nnt i violate dia punya privacy kan. tak nak la. hehe.

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hihi sama lah kita! rasa nk menulis balik tp this time it is for a keeper utk diri sendiri...

eh btw...makan nasik lemak dlm bilik beraircond? mesti mat saleh pon drooling okay..sedap bau..haha